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The essence of Impeccable Leadership is revealed in the Leadership Model. In this model, the developmental stages of each team and the leadership roles of the leader are schematically summarized. The ILS method helps gain insight into where your team stands in terms of development and what is needed to take the next step.

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The ILS Foundation of Succes

The Impeccable Leader is capable of:


Tapping into deeper levels of collective intelligence within its teams.


Developing a form of leadership where the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.


Translating a vision and its accompanying aspirations into practice.


Accelerating innovation and improving performance.

Leadership is the capacity of a human community to shape its future
The Leadership Model

The foundation of Impeccable Leadership is its Leadership Model. This model assists leaders in gaining insight into the relationship between team developmental stages and effective leadership behavior. Each phase in which a team finds itself requires specific leadership behavior. The model categorizes this into roles that contribute to development and performance. Behavior that works in one phase may prove counterproductive in another. Curious about the content of each component?

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