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Leadership is a phenomenon. It's something that isn't easily captured in words. That's why Impeccable Leadership (ILS) was created as a step-by-step process for achieving aspirations. A guide that helps you to make leadership tangible. To bring out the best in yourself and others. Curious? This is Impeccable Leadership.

Impeccable Leadership (ILS) is more than a method for effective leadership. It's an institute with a mission. Through ILS, you gain access to the hidden potential of the collective. It can be the difference between success and failure. Want to learn more about the content? Curious about who we are?

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Are you as a manager looking to effectively guide your team in the process of development towards better results? Or are you, as a leadership professional, seeking an enthusiastic community to join? You can experience ILS yourself. Here you'll find our services:

"What I find beautiful about the Impeccable Leadership ideology is the relationship it establishes between the various dimensions at play. Specifically, your personal development as a leader, the different leadership roles you can embody, team dynamics, and the goal that needs to be achieved. Everything connected by three guiding principles that indicate the direction and assist in envisioning the most appropriate behavior at any given moment to achieve effective results."
Erna Ter Weele
Partner at Verbeelders van Verandering
"The leadership model provides me with insight into the stages of development within a group. This is incredibly useful in my role as a trainer/leader. The strength of the model lies in the fact that I see it recurring across various levels and domains in my life. The evolution and transition between phases of reactivity, creativity, and proactivity occur in group evolution, individual conversations, in my own development, and interactions. This provides me with a foundation to rely on, to frame events, and gain insight into them."
Els van Beveren
Trainer/facilitator at Walk your Talk
"It's not vague or abstract. Nor is it a concrete '5 steps to success' trick. It's the journey of your own development within the social field with others, where you translate the higher potential of infinite possibilities within yourself and others into visible forms and results in the challenging reality of the here and now. The method offers a clear structure to recognize different phases and situations that demand various leadership roles, without letting go of your natural intuition and authenticity."
Sidney Moll
CEO at Portionpack Europe
"Time and time again, in guiding management teams, I see this method at work. People immediately see through this method where processes are stuck and what is needed to move forward again. The latter is not always easy, as what caused us to encounter problems often relates to something we tend to avoid. Addressing that can be daunting but often proves to be liberating. Because it's a process model, it enables us to repeatedly go through the steps, transforming both the content and the relationship to a new level of connection and creativity."
Robert Jan Steinmetz
Trainer/partner at FP&P
"The method is effective in conducting conversations at a deeper level and uncovering what drives others. Impeccable Leadership provides me with structure in this regard. It organizes and gives 'a place' to emotions and behavior. Additionally, the method brings awareness and experience, highlighting that connecting with one's own feelings is essential to connect with others, to support them in their personal development."
Monique Pauw
Senior Advisor L&D at KPMG Nederland
"What I find distinctive about this method is that its principles can be applied to almost any organization, team, or individual. With Impeccable Leadership, there's always a next step in development waiting to be discovered. And made possible. Impeccable Leadership provides a fantastic framework and offers direction to achieve this. Additionally, the spiritual dimension of the ideology adds depth, purpose, and meaning. This ideology has inspired me to be even more curious about what drives people, what moves leaders, and as a result, to be less quick to judge."
Ronald Rier
Leadership Coach at Bold Coaching Academy
"Impeccable Leadership is a comprehensive methodology that can be used both spiritually and practically, individually, and within the framework of group dynamics. Furthermore, it offers a research method for your inner journey and an evaluation model for your connection with the outside world (others or the group you aim to connect with/lead). Finally, its significant distinguishing factor lies in viewing leadership as a process rather than a static concept. This means that anyone capable of self-reflection is also capable of developing their leadership skills."
Suzanne Bontje
Owner/Executive Coach at Being Leadership
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