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Insight and Understanding Lead to Success

In your mind, what is the core of Impeccable Leadership?
ILS crossed my path when I wasn’t looking for it, but could really use it. Synchronicity. To me that approaches the core of ILS: (development of) consciousness. What is your place as a leader, what effect do you have on your environment, what does that environment need and how can you connect with it in a way that does maximal honor to the capacities of people that you’re working with, aligned with the organizational goal? To me, an organization is the whole of the people that are working in it, together with closely related parties like shareholders. ILS offers guidance for the “journey inwards”, as well as practical tools for day-to-day application in your leadership practice.

In what way has Impeccable Leadership touched you?
In no more than 15 minutes ILS showed me which processes were going on in my organization. Between employees and the board, between employees among themselves, between the members of the board, every possible combination that you could think of. With that insight I gained understanding. And that understanding for me created the space that was necessary to do what the organization, the people in that, really needed in order to start developing. I was touched by the apparent simplicity with which until that moment unsolvable stalemates could be broken. The changing reality of Andarr was proof of that. Beside that ILS touched me because of the amazing group of people that identify themselves with it. A group of wonderful people that are committed to creating a better world with ever growing consciousness. Which they each do in their own way.

What do you think sets this method apart from others?
For me ILS differs from other methods, concepts, beliefs and so on because of the completeness – in any possible way. ILS approaches leadership:

  • on a spiritual level and offers practical tools at the same time
  • from the level of the individual to complete organizations
  • for the “journey inwards” as well as way outwards, manifestation.

What has Impeccable Leadership inspired you to?
It inspired me to take responsibility for my organization by taking responsibility for myself. And together with all colleagues to define a goal that not only benefitted the organization, but also the bigger context that it is operating in. This made that we were named “Best employer of the Netherlands”, “Beste European Employer in the Professional Services Industry” and “Top-10 best employers overall in Europe”.

How did Impeccable Leadership help you in practice?
In a practical way ILS enabled me to see and recognize the approach that individual employees and the organization as a whole needed. With that seeing and recognizing I was able to fulfill those needs. The result is more connection within the organization, which makes it easier for people to find each other for any question they might have. This coincides with growing (pro-)activity. As a whole, it feels like things “move forward effortlessly”, while goals that at first seemed unreachable are realized with apparent ease.

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