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It brings space in my head and in my heart

Very content the director of the care institution closes his notepad and says to his colleague: “This is fantastic, it works all the time in my team, in all simplicity it covers what leadership and cooperation is all about”. He points to a whiteboard on which I just drew the different phases and roles of leadership of the Impeccable Leadership model. For a moment I’m looking at it too and I feel happy and connected with my profession. The model and the language that it thought me give me a firm foundation for all kinds of conversations that I get into. While talking about it, I know for sure that somewhere in the model someone gets the hang of it and realizes “this is about me”. That’s when training or coaching really sticks with someone, when it comes to life. This is a living model that invites you to take another step starting from your possibilities and qualities.

What does Impeccable Leadership mean to me? My profession is trainer, coach and writer. Someday, in the South of France, I was sitting at the kitchen table of an English top consultant and coach. We were talking about our profession and about the methods that we used in organizations. I told her that I’m easily bored by strictly following some method. “Oh dear,” she said energetically, “you must have a system!”. I understood very well what she meant; a frame of reference for the customer, the participants and me. I followed her advice and became a certified MBTI trainer, explored NLP and later on in systemic work. No matter how valuable this all was, to me these are methods that I occasionally apply. They are like drawers in the cupboard of my professional life.

Impeccable Leadership for me is the cupboard in which the drawers fit. It’s an empathetic model that brings order in the chaos between people, in teams and in leadership strategies. It organizes, offers insight and awakes consciousness and fires up the desire to proactively take your place. I know that I’m offering a model and body of thought of high quality. That’s what I love to do: delivering top quality in all simplicity, and by doing that helping people to grow in their personal development. The model is very practical, “down to earth”. For example it also offers answers to the question “how do we bring this model to life within our organization”? It gives you tools for clarifying, enriching dialogues that make teams and the people in these teams grow. Beside that it opens up another layer, both within me and within the other. My consciousness is shaken awake; if this is what I desire to do, in which areas do I need to further develop myself?

I can truthfully say that through the years, with falling and getting back on my feet again, Impeccable Leadership made me into a wiser, clearer and opener person. The model works from the inside out. It’s about the essence of your thinking and acting; as within, so without. Like the Buddhist teachers teach us: as below, so above. Your deeds and your personal mission are connected.

So, in the end, yes, I found my “system”.

Anne Teunis

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