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Personal Development and Symbolism

The starting point of working successfully and living happily is an inner journey. There are several ways to embark on it. This journey takes Chartres Cathedral as a starting point. Chartres is a very pretty town, a one hour’s drive away from Paris. For centuries Chartres has attracted pilgrims and travellers from all corners of the earth who are seeking answers to important life questions. This 3-day training offers an opportunity to really be present with yourself in an inspiring environment. A structured process helps you assess your life up until now, where you’re coming from and what you’re moving toward.

Great works are accomplished after an inner journey. Making this journey in a structured way ensures quality and intensification of your experience. The training Personal Development and Symbolism is intended to give your personal development an impuls and to translate the development of your consciousness into concrete actions that will contribute to the quality of your life’s path. Symbolism is one of the most powerful ways to create intensification in consciousness in order to develop at a faster pace.

This journey allows you to assess your perception supported by centuries old symbols. You make your own discoveries by doing guided exercises in an environment with a special “energy”. In addition, meeting like-minded people is a great opportunity to connect on the “real” things that touch our hearts.

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