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Peace of Mind

What is the influence of a demanding environment on our personal and professional life?

How does a fast changing world challenge us? It’s asking a lot to divide your attention and involvement between your job, your partner, your family and say, your sports club. Not to mention your social life. It is so easy to let your attention get divided between all the emails, urgent phone calls and the pressure of “that should be possible”. Often a healthy balance is lacking and before you know it, you feel that you’re not really present with anything. There’s no peace of mind. You’re just chasing yourself without focus.

What is required to steer from your heart, your involvement, with attention and presence in the arena of your professional and personal life?
What would life be like if you knew from an inner balance which choices needed to be made? For your own benefit and that of the whole?
Imagine that even in a difficult conversation you’re easily able to stay present with yourself and say what you have to say
Imagine that you shape your truth in your way from your own source, your Heart.

In order to create this you need to grow from reflex to reflection. This requires a shift from outward orientation to internally focused attention, a shift from a horizontal world to a vertical world.

Reflection is a inward movement. It’s becoming conscious of what your “mind” is, and what identification is. And then becoming conscious of what’s required to release the attachment. In this way you’ll move away from inner restlessness and fragmentation towards connection, unity, strength and wisdom. You’ll move towards peace of mind. In this way you get a clear view of what your contribution to a better world can be. Like Impeccable Leadership, Peace of Mind guides you in the movement from fragmentation to unity. With this program you start your journey to your source of Impeccability.

The Peace of Mind program facilitates the journey inward. It facilitates the connection of head, heart and intuition. By slowing down, finding silence in meditation, visualisation and other exercises you get to know your inner truth in a profound way. We believe that all strength and wisdom is already inside you. With Peace of Mind you’ll learn to listen to your inner voice, you’ll learn how to unlock your strength and wisdom. You’ll discover how it feels to be focused and at the same time open for every possibility. In this way you create a firm foundation for personal leadership. You are firmly in control of your own course of life. You manifest from inner balance and unity. You move towards balance and unity with the world around you. “As within, so without”.

The Peace of Mind workshops are interactive; we learn from and with each other in dialogue. In meeting the other you meet the power within you. Align your inner radar with quality!

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