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Masterclass Impeccable Leadership

What is the relation between the inner process of the leader and the performance of the group and the members of that group? What is the influence of primary and secondary emotions on the development of the group? What exactly is my passion and my desire? Which experiences can make me lose my balance as a leader? When I’m under pressure, how do I continue to have impact without using force, so that I keep leading with authority? These are some of the themes of the Masterclass in Impeccable Leadership.

Leadership development requires development of perception. The further one is evolved, the greater one’s ability is to perceive which forces are in play in the interaction between leader and organization. The source of this development is gaining rationality about your own emotions and behavior, breaking through our “rationalizations”, with deep insights into our own cognitive and emotional schemes.

Leadership is about inspiring and connecting. It’s about encouraging action aimed at the development and progress of the group. The paradox of leadership development is that successful leadership (impact on a group, focused outwardly) is a consequence of inner development (focused inwardly). There’s a direct correlation between inner psychological processes and the behavior of the “environment”. That’s why leadership can be defined as an inner process that manifests socially. Guiding a group from a reactive phase of development towards a proactive phase requires the ability to deal with groups in a connecting and development-oriented way. This is possible to the extent in which we acquire a nonviolent relationship with ourselves. It’s about an inner attitude that allows us to keep observing and reflecting, even under pressure, instead of instinctively starting to “fight, fly or freeze” by reflex.

This masterclass is about gaining insight into the deeper processes within groups and within ourselves. This insight into ourselves is at the core of our ability to see “beyond behavior and emotions”. In this masterclass you develop your potential to live and work in connection with yourself, which enables leadership to flow from a deep personal source.

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