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Leadership and Performance Tool (Scan)

Where do I stand in my leadership development?

How do I gain insight into the way that I lead? How can I discover the effects of the way I lead on the performance and development of my team? Which opportunities for growth can I utilize to realize our ambitions?

The six leadership roles of the Impeccable Leadership model provide information about your preferred leadership approach and focus within a certain context. In this exploration we examine the relationship between strategic ambition, level of development of the team, and behavioral characteristics such as primarily guiding or more directive ways of leading. Another example: are you more focused on content (the “what”) or on process (the “how”)?

These insights enable you to influence performance originating from personal responsibility. Insight into how visible behaviors relate to performance enables you to influence performance in the direction you wish. Leadership development is measurable by the extent to which the effect you have is aligned with your real intention. In this way the connection between organizational development and personal development becomes apparent.

This Leadership and Performance scan results in a report that helps you define what is needed in order to develop the performance of your organization. It also provides concrete tools to change and enhance that performance. The report answers these questions:

  • What context are we currently operating in, and where do we want to go (strategic ambition)?
  • What preferences do I have when it comes to leading?
  • Which qualities and pitfalls are connected with my leadership preferences?
  • What can I learn from the behavior of my team?
  • Which behaviors enhance my development and results?
  • In what way can I apply a leadership role in order to break through stagnation?
  • How can I apply leadership roles to effectively steer my team?
  • In which areas of leadership can I or should I develop myself, in order to strengthen and deepen the effect I have on my team?
  • Above all: what is my next step to apply what I’ve learned here?

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You can either have a scan for yourself or for your team.

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