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Leadership & Coaching

Gain experience with the basic principles of Impeccable Leadership

That’s what the training “Leadership and Coaching” offers. With a conscious and step-by-step approach you learn how to work on results and development with your team. You learn how to break through impeding patterns and how to build a new perspective. Realizing goals together requires the ability to involve others and to guide them in development. Insight into the critical aspects of leadership is vital. The first step is to create real connection, so you can explore together in a creative way what is needed to achieve success. The source of that succes is personal development. The Impeccable Leadership method enables you to feel a direct relationship between personal experience and impact on the environment around you.

In this training you gain experience with the leadership process, the leadership roles and how to be an impactful leader. You also learn how to use the Transformation Process Model which is a powerful tool for team development and creating high performance.

You can follow this training as an individual (Open Registration) and as an organization (In Company).
Do you want to know more about this training? Then have a look at this link.

“This training showed me and allowed me to feel that the core of leadership is connecting. It’s about connecting with others but also with your own feelings. I am very enthusiastic about the power of this approach, the theory and the application in practice, combined with the involved and inspiring trainers. After this training I conduct conversations in a different way which makes me more effective as a leader.”

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