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About us

Impeccable Leadership (ILS) has a “home”. This is a Foundation that has been established as a refuge for professionals by professionals. Officially the Foundation was started in September 2012. It’s composed of a group of people who are enthusiastic about the power and quality of the body of thought of Impeccable Leadership.

The goal of the Foundation is to stimulate and develop the application of Impeccable Leadership in order to contribute to “being-based-leadership”, involved leadership from the heart. And to contribute with care and involvement to the turnaround of organizations from a dominance hierarchy to a community of excellence. The latter are proactive organizations that operate with resilience and innovation in an unpredictable environment, and that are sustainably successful in their contribution to the agility of their environment. They generate this success because they have access to the full potential of the organization. In brief, they do this by turning from power to authority, aimed at social innovation as a foundation for creativity and sustainable solutions.

Working method. In order to realize our ambitions, Ambassadors meet each other for inspiration and to reflect on the further development of the body of thought, and how to grow this with concrete projects. While meeting they apply the methods and tools of the ILS body of thought.

Impeccable Leadership is based on belief in the power of human consciousness and in the importance of developing that for a healthier world. “Better leaders make a better world”. The higher the level of consciousness is, the bigger the chances of developing a deep democracy in which there’s room for all feelings, thoughts, roles etc. This is a form of living and working together that offers a strong foundation for social innovation and success.


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