What is Impeccable Leadership all about?

Leadership is a phenomenon. It is something that is hard to pin down with words. That’s why Impeccable Leadership has been set up as an expedition that first and foremost derives its meaning from personal experience. It is direct and concrete. Only when we feel the power of leadership can we own it ourselves. Only when you see through something can you play with it. In this way seeing through leadership via a personal experience enables you to utilize its potential.

The Impeccable Leadership model has been designed as a method for personal development aimed at bringing about a “high performance organization”. The model describes the process of leadership and reflects the practical essence of it. This approach gives insight into the relationship between ambitions, the phase of development of the organization, behavior and performance. This insight is the source of successful leadership development and of “high performance”.

This structured leadership method is based on the assumption that leadership is, at its heart, about contact with people. In order to connect, influence and inspire results that are significant and have real meaning. Thus leadership is about social dynamics between people that are involved together in realizing goals. Peter Senge gives a great definition of leadership as “the capacity of a human community to shape its future”. It is about the ability of a group. Groups that apply leadership are more successful than groups that don’t. The great thing about this definition is the emphasis on the social aspect. Groups create great things. This is about “our” ability. Not about the heroism of some individual, just for his own sake. This vision aligns with the development from “me” to “us” that is noticeable in a bigger context. The current era challenges us to cooperate and find innovative solutions for global environmental, economical, political and social problems.

Chaos originates by itself. Success requires skill. Success requires leadership. A leader sees order in chaos. He knows how to involve the organization in a process of development. On an abstract level leadership is a process from fragmentation to unity. It is a developmental process from reactive to proactive behavior. For example, a new group lacks connection and is in a reactive phase of group development. How do you get the team more connected? Leadership makes the whole more than the sum of the parts. It’s all about connecting, creativity and intrinsic motivation. In practice this means that a leader must have the ability to involve others in a process of realizing goals.