What differentiates Impeccable Leadership?

For me ILS differs from other methods, concepts, beliefs and so on because of the completeness – in every possible way. ILS approaches leadership:

  • on a spiritual level and offers practical tools at the same time
  • from the level of the individual to complete organizations
  • for the “journey inwards” as well as for the way outwards, manifestation.

Jeroen van Zelst


Impeccable Leadership is an empathetic model that brings order to the chaos between people, in teams and in leadership strategies. It organizes, offers insight, awakens consciousness and fires up the desire to proactively take your place in the world. I know that I’m offering a model and body of thought of high quality. That’s what I love to do: delivering top quality in all simplicity, and by doing that helping people grow in their personal development. The model is very practical, “down to earth”. For example it also offers answers to the question “how do we bring this model to life within our organization”? It gives you tools to create clarifying, enriching dialogues that make teams and the people in these teams grow. It additionally opens up another layer, both within me and within the other.

Anne Teunis

Each and every time I’m guiding a management team, ILS works. With this method people immediately see where processes are stuck and what’s necessary to move on. That last part is not always easy, because what got us into trouble oftentimes is something we tend to avoid. Beginning to work on that can be stretching but it often proves to be liberating in the end. Because ILS is a process model, it enables the individual or group to go through the steps of the model again and again and while doing that to transform both content and relation to a new level of connection and creativity.

Robert Jan Steinmetz

To me what differentiates Impeccable Leadership the most is that the principles are applicable for almost any organization, team or individual. ILS always allows one to find a next step in development, and to take that step. It offers an amazing framework and gives direction to reach the full potential of the individual, team or organization. Beside that, the spiritual dimension of the body of thought brings depth, purpose and meaning. It inspired me to be even more curious about what drives people and leaders, and by doing that judge less quickly.

Ronald Rier

Impeccable Leadership is a complete method. You can use it spiritually, practically and individually as well as in a groupdynamic process. Furthermore it offers a method of research for your inner journey and a model by which to evaluate your connection with the outer world (the other or the group with which you want to be connected or that you’re leading). The major differentiator is viewing leadership as a process, rather than a static notion. This means that everyone who is capable of looking at himself honestly is capable of growing as a leader.

Suzanne Bontje