In summary: Impeccable Leadership facilitates the inner journey

Our unpredictable environment challenges us to rethink our fundamental principals on how to build a mindful and resilient organization, with a high performance culture which promotes personal and civic virtues.

Breakpoint for performance is arena phase; exclusion and turf wars.

Arena holds ground because of lack of deep mutual understanding (and lack of care and involvement). Leadership as a process is about the development from fragmentation towards unity.
Fueled by care and involvement; result is deep connection; which is the birth ground for innovation and adding sustainable value. From a leader it takes capability to involve others in pursuing goals and social development. Shifting from reflex to reflection; looking at oneself with care and involvement. The challenge is to apply the mind of wisdom that can reflect on itself and overcome the division between people and within themselves

Impeccable leadership facilitates the inner journey as integrated part of organizational development, which manifests itself in moving from doing
to actually being leadership. Beyond exclusive personal gain towards contributing to make the world a better place by care, involvement and creativity .

The method is based on decades of experience in leadership development, insights from research and “best practices” in neuroscience, organizational psychology, and systems theory. Impeccable leadership aligns cognitive and somatic components, to enhance embodiment of leadership development. Aligning head, heart and gut feeling in order to move beyond understanding and having insights towards being based leadership. From the inside out.

Frits Wilmsen