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To me in the essence it’s about transformation

So much has been written about leadership and so many models have been made. Still the model of Impeccable Leadership is something new. It shows a process that takes place on the level of content as well as the level of processes between people. This makes it unique because it enables people to look into their attitude and actions and at the same time gain insight in what they’ve got to do. It enables them to get to workable agreements as well as nourish the relation.

Each and every time when I’m guiding a management team it works. With this method people immediately see where processes are stuck and what’s necessary to move on. That last part is not always easy, because that what got us into trouble oftentimes is something we tend to avoid. To start working on that can be stretching but often it proves to be liberating in the end. Because ILS is a process model it enables going through the steps of the model again and again and while doing that to transform both content and relation to a new level of connection and creativity.

Robert Jan Steinmetz

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