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Navigating crisis with Impeccable Leadership

By Frits Wilmsen and Christine Wank, an article published on


‘How can Impeccable leadership (ILS), as a methodology, be of service to organizations and to leaders in dealing with the impact of the Corona crisis?’ ‘How can we support leaders and teams in finding their way through this uncharted terrain in such manner that we come out of this stronger — maybe different but better at the end?’ In this article we explore principles of ILS (see model below), to help leaders and teams find new guideposts now that our regular ones have been rendered irrelevant. We will end this article with suggestions and takeaways for leading and navigating this crisis.

The profound change in circumstances has robbed us of our familiar points of orientation. We have the feeling that we lost our once clear sight, and we now have to navigate through a thick fog. Our effectiveness seems limited. We need to make all kinds of decisions without having enough information to discern what the right thing to do is — the right thing for our organization, for our people, customers, suppliers, and for society — and for that matter: for ourselves.

How do we re-orientate ourselves and re-organize our work and our collaboration, and how do we find a new direction? Whom do we want to involve in our exploration? And how do we stay on track once we have decided how to move forward, when we are confronted with continuously changing circumstances?

Let us explore these questions by looking through the lens of Impeccable LeadershipThis methodology has proven its effectiveness for many people and organizations on multiple occasions in the past. ILS has helped leaders make sense of ‘what’s going on’ beyond the obvious, beyond behavior, and has enabled them to make informed and effective decisions in dealing with organizational challenges. It has helped them to move forward instead of unintentionally regressing into fragmentation.

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