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Lifting up the mask…

I got in touch with Impeccable Leadership as a photographer. Later on I participated in an Impeccable Leadership training. What I recognize in this approach is the “uncovering of the essence”. I recognize the steering and leading from your heart. For me that’s the same in photography. The subject must touch me in order to be able to picture it in a striking way. The stronger I’m involved, attracted or intrigued, by a “human”, the stronger my pictures.

The art of creating a portrait is to bring your model to the feeling that he or she wants to transfer or to the essence of what you want to tell as a photographer. Like that you can portrait someone in a way that he can never see himself. As a photographer I learned to show you what you can only feel yourself.

There’s a reason that my passion for photography came to the surface only after 20 years of working in the graphic industry. Twenty years ago I was not capable of feeling. Personal growth, working as a masseuse and a training in Chartres brought me awareness of feeling and “being” that now allow me to lift up the mask of another and to show who’s behind that…

If only for a little while.

Renata Jansen

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