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Transformational Process Model for Real-time Breakthroughs in Facilitation


What shapes the way we relate with one another in organisations and in teams? How do we build cooperative performance systems that have a deeply human approach as the foundation for excellence?

Frits Wilmsen (founder of the Impeccable Leadership Institute, Partner at FP&P and faculty of the Generative Facilitation Institute) has developed a model and process for facilitating transformational change and development for leaders, teams and organisations that highlights the often hidden structures and deeper leverages for change and helps them to successfully transcend blockages or dysfunctional behaviour.

His model – the Transformational Process Model (TPM) – provides a roadmap and process to take a deep dive into the forces that shape behavior and cooperation in a way that this dive in itself is healing and a connecting pathway to find creative solutions and harvest the collective intelligence. The TPM has been successfully applied by many other facilitators, leaders and trainers in diverse sectors and countries with highly positive impact for teams and organisations.

Frits will for the first time teach this model in form of a MasterClass for leaders, facilitators and changemakers in Berlin.

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