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Impeccable Leadership Program with Frits Wilmsen on Navigating Social Complexity and Transformational Change December 14, 15 and 16, 2021

What shapes the way we relate with one another in organisations and in teams? How do we build cooperative performance systems that have a deeply human approach as the foundation for excellence?

The Impeccable Leadership framework offers powerful tools and proven social technologies such as the Transformational Process Model among many others for making transformations and breakthroughs possible in working with people, groups and larger systems. It aligns cognitive and somatic components to enhance embodied leadership and facilitation and it combines the head, heart, and gut in order to move towards being-based leadership and facilitation. The Impeccable Leadership approach been successfully applied by many leaders,  facilitators, and trainers in diverse sectors and countries with highly positive impact for teams and organisations.

This course allows for both a personal and a collective learning journey. It emphasizes concrete experience, practical applications, deep reflection, and exploration of how to transfer insights to your own facilitation practice. Become a part of the international Generative Facilitation Learning Community by meeting and learning with other committed leaders, facilitators and changemakers and learn in an inspiring and encouraging environment in the vibrant city of Berlin.

You can follow this training as an individual (Open registration). Please use this link to enrole.

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