A pure Fundamental Attitude

In your mind, what is the core of Impeccable Leadership?

To me Impeccable Leadership is about the pure fundamental attitude with which you approach your environment, applied in a connecting way in your day-to-day actions.

I got to know Impeccable Leadership when I became aware of the fact that I was not sufficiently bringing out the enormous potential in a group of people. I was wasting too much energy on overcoming resistance. So I began looking for a way to remove obstacles between people and give space to the enormous individual strength, in service of growth of the group, the individual and the environment.

In which way has Impeccable Leadership touched you?
I am aware that every situation that you get into with someone else is an opportunity for growth for both individuals. Not just by experiencing fun things together, but also tough ones. By making issues that seem to be unmentionable mentionable and shaping them in a better form for both. This substitutes winning or losing for growing together. And that brings lots of fun and sometimes the most beautiful tears.

What do you think sets this method apart from others?
It is neither pie-in-the-sky nor abstract. Neither is it a concrete “5 steps to success” trick. It is the journey of your own personal development in the social field with others, in which you translate the higher potential of endless possibilities in you and in the other into visible shapes and results in day-to-day practice, here and now. The method offers a clear structure to recognize different phases and situations that demand different leadership roles, without letting go of your natural intuition and individuality.

What has Impeccable Leadership inspired you to?
It inspires me to look for the value that you can create together in every situation. The thicker the walls, the higher the doorsteps and the deeper the trenches, the bigger the challenge to make interests, desires and vulnerability mentionable and to translate them into added value for all stakeholders. No, I do not succeed in this all the time. But when I do it gives me incredible energy and the confidence that in the end everything is possible.

How did Impeccable Leadership help you in practice?
It allows me to stay close to my heart, or even better, completely present and at the same time make that possible for the other. This makes relations more real, deeper and more valuable. When who you are, what you believe in and what you do are aligned, you’re in your center of power.
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